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Baidu, Inc. is the leading Chinese language Internet search provider. Baidu aims to make a complex world simpler through technology.
Beijing, China
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  1. 16 hours ago
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    Jul 16
    Snap turns to search giant Baidu to court Chinese advertisers by
  3. Jul 12
    We started w/ search, but are now much more than that! Our AI-powered search+feed provides the most optimized results&pushes news tailored just for you. Plus there're 150k+ Smart Mini Programs on the flagship Baidu App of our 20+apps. Discover our prospering mobile ecosystem📱
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    Jul 12
    For to reach its full potential, the industry needs collaboration. That's why we've teamed up with to develop the new Intel Nervana Neural Network Processor for training:
  5. Jul 11
    🔈#1 player in China in smart speaker shipment 🚗over half of China's issued test licenses What about our efforts in short videos, smart mini programs and blockchain? Check out the 2019 China Internet Report by to know more about & China's Internet landscape.
  6. Jul 11
    AI-powered park, smart massage center that makes blind masseurs' life easier... Check out how Baidu's technologies are applied to make the world a better place for all❤️. Jump to 01:14 for a quick look! via
  7. Jul 10
    The final part of research series notes that Baidu was the first mainland Chinese representation in the Partnership on AI. Baidu CEO Robin Li stressed that only by establishing a sound set of ethical norms can we reap more benefits from AI.
  8. Jul 10
    From valet parking to vehicle-to-home connections, robotaxis to robot tea dances and voice assistants to virtual customer service reps 💁‍ Oh, and not to mention our prospering Cloud and Smart Mini Programs! Catch up on the best of here
  9. Jul 10
    Learn about Baidu Cloud w/n 30 seconds. Moving up the ranks every quarter, from China's 5th in 18Q4 to 4th in 19Q1, Baidu Cloud provides integrated AI, Big Data & Cloud Computing (ABC) solutions for different industries. Discover our ABC solutions that revolutionize the Cloud☁️
  10. Jul 10
    Baidu (Apollo) is among China's most innovative companies according to China's list of the "50 Most Innovative Companies"!👏 The list highlights innovative business approaches in 14 fields and Baidu's Apollo led the way in autonomous driving 🚘
  11. Jul 9
    Learn about Baidu’s conversational system DuerOS within 30 seconds 🗫 DuerOS is now on over 400 million devices and comes with a full-duplex system that allows it to respond without a wake-up word. Watch the voice assistant system that's revolutionizing .
  12. Jul 8
    Learn about Baidu's autonomous driving open system within 30 seconds🚗 Our autonomous driving open system Apollo supports complex driving scenarios & provides solutions for mass-produced vehicles. Watch how we transform mobility w/ and revolutionize
  13. Jul 8
    With Baidu Cloud, In a live demonstration at , Baidu Cloud empowered a construction company with AI capabilities in just 10 minutes with only one computer to successfully detect the presence of workers' safety helmets on the site.👷
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    Thanks, China, for a other great visit! This time to bring you SHIFT, presented by + from . Here's our look at AI, neural computing, autonomous driving, and tea time with a robot:
  15. Jul 7
    SHIFT Baidu Create 2019 via
  16. Retweeted
    Jul 3
    Intel is collaborating with Baidu on the Intel Nervana Neural Network Processor for Training:
  17. Jul 4
    Feeling cold? ❄️Worried about driving while fatigued?😩No problem! DuerOS for Apollo, our comprehensive solution, has got your back with functions like a voice assistant, fatigue detection, and even a Child Protection mode! 👶 Check it out here👇
  18. Jul 4
    China tech giant Baidu partners with Geely, Toyota in self-driving push.
  19. Jul 4
    Hate parallel parking? Our valet parking solution has you covered! 😎
  20. Jul 4
    How do you transform a parking lot into smart infrastructure? 🤓🅿️ With Baidu’s Valet Parking, our autonomous parking solution which is production-ready and cost-effective, your car can find the way on its own! See it in action here🏎️

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