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Baidu, Inc. is the leading Chinese language Internet search provider. Baidu aims to make a complex world simpler through technology.
Beijing, China
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    Aug 30
    Teaching hearing-impaired children to read with a sign language interpretation . Assisting the blind with smart speakers. Reuniting missing people with their loved ones using facial recognition. These are just a few ways we through . Discover how.
  2. 14 hours ago
    Personalizing your navigation voice has never been easier. ' 1st-ever -powered custom voice feature lets your loved ones record their voices for navigation, making your commute just that little bit brighter🌞 It's so easy to use even your kid can do it 👉
  3. 23 hours ago
    Artificial intelligence is transforming health care across Asia, fuelled by innovative public-private sector R&D a...
  4. Oct 15
    The app launched a first-of-its-kind 'travel mode' to help tourists lost in translation! Powered by Baidu , the app translates based on location w/ mode turned on. So if at the airport, the English word 'PAR' translates to 'Paris' rather than its alternative.✈️
  5. Oct 14
    Tech is closing Asia's large healthcare gap, 's report on in Healthcare shows. , a key AI player specially featured in the report, launched CDSS to help doctors make faster & more accurate treatment decisions at ~1k hospitals in China.
  6. Oct 14
    ranks among the top 10 disruptive companies globally, according to 's 2019 Tech Industry Innovation Survey which interviews 740 tech leaders on industry trends. Notably, is chosen as the top ranking Chinese app favored by tech execs!
  7. Oct 11
    Baidu signed a strategic partnership w/ Cangzhou, Hebei Province at the 2019 to develop a , and obtained 30 self-driving test licenses from the city permitting the transport of passengers, the 1st of its kind to be issued in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area. 🚗
  8. Oct 11
    Launched in 2017, ' smart voice function broke 300M users on Oct. 1st!🗺️The only Chinese map providing global services, Baidu Maps covers 98% of overseas points of interest and is the travel companion of choice for 50% of Chinese people traveling abroad!🌐
  9. Oct 10
    At least 2.2B people globally are visually impaired or blind, 's 1st world vision report shows, but many cases are preventable. In China, ~660M are at risk. As of Sep, Baidu's fundus screening system had made 7768 screenings & 1136 diagnoses in just 1 city.
  10. Oct 10
    Today is To increase mental health awareness, Baidu created a that empowers women to better understand mental health problems and get help when needed.
  11. Oct 9
    In an interview w/, Baidu’s VP & Head of its Smart Living Group Kun Jing explained how are becoming integral to people's homes. On average, Baidu speakers are used 20-30 times/day for ~2 hrs total & Baidu is leading in capitalizing on this commercial potential.
  12. Oct 4
    To standardize in the ophthalmic industry Baidu launched the 1st business-led medical annotation standard for fundus image analysis w/ Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center of Sun Yat-sen Uni, improving data quality AI algorithms rely on to accurately detect eye diseases.
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    Oct 1
    Happy to welcome Dr. to join Baidu Research Advisory Board! The 17th chancellor & Distinguished Prof. at , Dr. Vitter is an internationally known computer scientist w/ expertise in . We're very excited about the passion & expertise he'll bring!
  14. Sep 30
    AI is redefining customer service! Powered by , China Unicom, one of China's largest telecom operators, is transforming its customer service. W/ Baidu , the hotline rep can fulfill a request in under 15s, down from the 120s average, providing seamless service.
  15. Sep 27
    Excited to join Amazon and other leading tech companies in the to promote customer choice by supporting multiple, interoperable voice services on a single device!
  16. Sep 27
  17. Retweeted
    Sep 26
  18. Retweeted
    Sep 26
    Baidu begins robotaxi pilot service in Changsha
  19. Sep 26
    Residents of Changsha, Hunan can now hail an robotaxi!🚕Today a fleet of 45 Hongqi EV self-driving taxis developed by Baidu and FAW Group opened for public trial in select areas of the city, showing how the Apollo is progressing from R&D to market reality!
  20. Sep 24
    Following a report ranking Baidu Cloud as China's 4th largest & fastest-growing cloud service provider, also placed us #4 by IaaS public cloud market share. China's IaaS market, projects iResearch, will grow to RMB 300B by 2023, up from 63.82B in 2018.☁️
  21. Sep 23
    Marketing experts gathered on the Baidu campus over the weekend for 2019 Final Round judging for Greater China. On this occasion, Baidu and Effie Awards announced close cooperation to upgrade the marketing industry & promote the development of marketing.

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